For main contact (GROUP ADMINISTRATOR):

You will be contacted within 24 hours by the Center for Applied Research in Dementia regarding your group enrollment for the Montessori Professional Course. There are two discount enrollment options:

Prepaid enrollments. You may pay the Center for Applied Research in Dementia for a specified number of enrollments in advance, at a fee of $35 per person instead of the standard individual fee of $125. A free enrollment code good for the prepaid number of enrollments then will be provided. This code must be used by all staff who have had their enrollment prepaid by you, and when they enroll for the course at they will see that there is no charge. Please instruct employees not to share the code as it has monetary value. It should be kept secure and only used by authorized staff for the purpose of enrolling in the Montessori Professional Course. After the specified number of enrollments is reached, the standard individual fee of $125 will be charged.

Please direct any questions or concerns about this process to Vincent Antenucci at .

For employees (GROUP MEMBER):

You will be provided with a code through your employer to complete the online Montessori Professional Course at . Please follow your employer’s instructions for using this code when you enroll in course. Without a code, you will be charged the individual fee for the course, which is $125.