Become a Certified Montessori Dementia Care Professional CMDCP®!

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This certification is open to all health care professionals, front line staffs and Clergy who work in health care settings such as; Administrators, Assistant Administrators, Dementia Unit Managers, Nurses, Social Workers, Nursing Assistants, Home Health Aides, Personal Care Assistants, Activity Professionals, Therapeutic Recreation, Dietitians, PT, OT, Speech, Physicians, Alzheimer’s coach, Dementia Consultants, Dementia Trainers, Corporate Trainer, Educators, Professional Patient Advocates, Geriatric Care Managers, Certified Senior Advisors, Administrators, Health Care Educators, Nurse Educators, Consultants, Music Therapists, Art Therapists, Chiropractors, Pharmacists, Pharmacy Consultants,  etc. who work in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living, home care agencies, hospice agencies, CCRC, Independent Living Communities, adult day care, senior centers, senior living communities, associations, management companies, government agencies, associations, etc.

Qualification for the CMDCP Certification.

To be provided the CMDCP certification, you must provide evidence of work experience and education in the area of Montessori Dementia Care.


1. Choose the option that best fits you (Individual, group, association and/or grandfather).

2. Four year college degree or two year degree or certified or license in a health care profession. If not certified or licensed in chosen profession, you have completed a state required course to hold your position,

3. Certified or Licensed in a health care profession or completed a state required course required to hold your position. I.E, a nursing assistant course. I.E, The MEPAP course for activity professionals.

4. Minimum one year full time paid experience with a health care related company, association or government agency that provides services to the elderly.

The CMDCP certification represents:

The CMDCP certification represents that the front line staff and health care professional has received comprehensive knowledge in the area of dementia care, met the NCCDP requirements for CMDCP certification, applied for the CMDCP certification and received the CMDCP certification. The CMDCP commits to ongoing professional development through NCCDP Staff Education Week or other educational opportunities and re-certification every two years. A CMDCP certification reflects a deep personal commitment on the part of the front line staff, health care professional and the organization’s sense of accountability by abiding by ICCDP the Ethic’s statement, inspiring confidence and dedication in an individual's professional knowledge through quality of life and quality of care provided by the CMDCP to the dementia patient.

Practitioner is one who practices a profession. Webster's Dictionary

The CMDCP certification is in itself not a profession rather it is a compliment to the professional credentials and training you already have obtained in your chosen profession and your choice to work with the geriatric profession. 

Notice: While certification promotes and maintains quality, it does not license, confer a right or privilege upon or otherwise define the qualifications of anyone in the healthcare field.

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Step One
Apply for Certification
Step Two
Wait for approval of your application
Step Three
Once approved, take online course
Step Four
Complete course, test, & evaluation
Step Five
ICCDP will email certification to you
Step Six
Renew every two years
Step One
Sign up for a seminar- see calendar to find a live trainer
Step Two
Take the seminar and complete the evaluation
Step Three
Return to ICCDP and complete a grandfather application
Step Four
Wait for approval. ICCDP will email your certification to you
Step Five
Renew every two yearsu

Certified Dementia Practitioner ® CDP®, Certified Montessori Dementia Care Professional® CMDCP® and
Certified Montessori Dementia Care Professional Trainer CMDCPT

The CDP®, CMDCP®, and CMDCPT are global certifications recommended for those working in the health care industry and with the geriatric population. These certifications are a compliment to your chosen profession. The CDP®, CMDCP® or CMDCPT are not a profession, but rather a level of additional Dementia training and Dementia certification that you have received in the area of Dementia care that will enable the health care professional to provide compassionate care.

The CDP® and CMDCP® certifications are a commitment by the professional to end elder abuse and neglect through continuous training in the area of Dementia Care. Worldwide there lacks standardization in the requirements of Dementia education for front line staff and health care professionals, elder care attorneys, educators, geriatric managers who work in learning institutions, psychiatric facilities, rehabilitation centers, associations, government agencies, nursing homes, assisted living, senior communities, adult day care, hospitals, home care and hospice agencies and 55 plus communities.