Apply now to become a Certified Dementia Practitioner


Organizations can invest in their staff education and certification. Groups of ten or more pay only $80.00 USD per person.

Application fee including online course fee is $80.00 pp USD. . 


  1. To apply, the group administrator will go to
  2. Select CORPORATE GROUP APPLICATION (FEE is $80.00 per person, minimum of 10 members)
  3. Set up an account and select the number of people in your group
  4. Enter each staff name and email address in the next page. All group members must have their own email address.
  5. Submit payment


  1. Each group member will receive an email with instruction to individually apply for the Certified Dementia Practitioner® certification
  2. The group member is issued a username and password and an e-mail is sent to each member.
  3. The group member will go to and select the I'm a new applicant and have a username/password issued from my corporations group application option.
  4. The group member enters the username and password that was provided in the instruction email
  5. The group member completes the online application.
  6. The group member will have 7 days to complete the application. After 7 days, if the employee has not completed the application, their name is deleted from the group account. The corporate group administrator will need to add their name and repay for their application.
  7. GRANDFATHER OPTION. If the group member has recently completed (within 2 years) a 7-hour or longer Alzheimer's and Dementia Care course and received a course certificate the Grandfather Option can be selected. This option allows you to bypass the course requirement. The group member will need to upload a copy of the certificate of completion or the certification when prompted to do so within the body of the CDP application.
  8. TAKE ONLINE COURSE WORK OPTION: If the group member has not recently taken any Alzheimer's disease and dementia specific course work, the group member will be directed to the online course ONLY AFTER the application is approved by ICCDP.
  9. Upon completing the corporate group application, please note your group has 30 days to complete the online application and the online course. This is an automated system and if they do not complete the application and course within the 30 days, their account is deleted and there are no refunds. Your group members will receive multiple emails along the way, if they have not completed either the course or the application.


  1. After the application form is submitted, ICCDP will review each application. If denied, the group administrator will be issue a refund. If approved, the group member will be sent a link to the online Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care course.
  2. Each group member will take the course work.
  3. After completing the online course work, ICCDP will receive a notification of each group member’s course completion.


  1. ICCDP will send an online evaluation to each group member who completed the Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care course work
  2. After the evaluation form is completed, the group member will receive their Certified Dementia Practitioner certification by email. The group administrator will also receive a copy of the certification.
  3. The certification is active for two years.


  1. Sixty days prior to the expiration date, each group member and the group administrator will receive a reminder to renew
  2. The group administrator will need to log into their account and submit payment for each member whose renewal fee is due
  3. After payment is made, each member will need to complete the online renewal form
  4. The re-certification will be issued following completion of the online course work and ICCDP evaluation.
  5. Fee for certification renewal is $80.00 as long as the group member is still employed at the same organization.


  1. A group member who leaves the group (for example, if the staff member is no longer a member of the organization), her account can be deleted from the group by the group administrator. The group member will still be on the CDP database and can continue to be a certified member.


  1. After adding members to your group, please be sure to contact everyone in your group and notify the employees that ICCDP will immediately send a letter of instructions to complete the application. The email may end up in their spam mail. If they do not immediately receive the email, to contact for assistance. Be sure to whitelist ICCDP and
  2. Group administrator is not able to "swap" member accounts. As an example, if a group member leaves, the group administrator will not be able to add another staff to the group member that left.
  3. Group administrator can add any number of staff to the group from their account page after the initial application. Payment can be submitted just after adding new staff member.

If the group member account is deleted because the group member did not complete the course within 30 days of the approval letter, there is no refund. If the group member application is denied, the organization is issued a full refund within 7 days of the denial letter.

While certification promotes and maintains quality, it does not license, confer a right or privilege upon or otherwise define the qualifications of anyone in the healthcare field.

Certified Dementia Practitioner® is NOT a profession but a level of education in the area of dementia care to assist you in providing compassionate care to the most vulnerable elderly

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
– Nelson Mandela


Step One
Apply for Certification
Step Two
Wait for approval of your application
Step Three
Once approved, take online course
Step Four
Complete course, test, & evaluation
Step Five
ICCDP will email certification to you
Step Six
Renew every two years
Step One
Sign up for a seminar- see calendar to find a live trainer
Step Two
Take the seminar and complete the evaluation
Step Three
Return to ICCDP and complete a grandfather application
Step Four
Wait for approval. ICCDP will email your certification to you
Step Five
Renew every two years

Certified Dementia Practitioner ® CDP®, Certified Montessori Dementia Care Professional® CMDCP® and
Certified Montessori Dementia Care Professional Trainer CMDCPT

The CDP®, CMDCP®, and CMDCPT are global certifications recommended for those working in the health care industry and with the geriatric population. These certifications are a compliment to your chosen profession. The CDP®, CMDCP® or CMDCPT are not a profession, but rather a level of additional Dementia training and Dementia certification that you have received in the area of Dementia care that will enable the health care professional to provide compassionate care.

The CDP® and CMDCP® certifications are a commitment by the professional to end elder abuse and neglect through continuous training in the area of Dementia Care. Worldwide there lacks standardization in the requirements of Dementia education for front line staff and health care professionals, elder care attorneys, educators, geriatric managers who work in learning institutions, psychiatric facilities, rehabilitation centers, associations, government agencies, nursing homes, assisted living, senior communities, adult day care, hospitals, home care and hospice agencies and 55 plus communities.